General Terms and Conditions

As of February 1, 2022

“UNLTD” refers to UNLTD Travel and Tours, Inc.

“Guest/s” refers to the actual travelers and/or passengers joining the tour. They may or may not be the person/s making a travel booking with UNLTD

Confirmation of Guest Info and Travel Document Details:

  1. The guest must provide his/her name that is exactly the same with his/her passport and/or birth certificate. The guest will be responsible for any penalties resulting from discrepancies of the full name submitted to UNLTD with the actual name in his/her passport or travel document. Incorrect guest information and travel document details may result in invalidation of travel vouchers.
  2. The guest agrees to share his/her passport, government ID and/or other personal information to UNLTD.
  3. Confirmation and/or submission of guest profile including the valid ID or passport must be made on or before the confirmation deadline stated in the travel proposal. No complete details, no reservation policy.
  4. [For International Outbound Tours] The guest must make sure that his/her passport have expiry dates of at least 6 MONTHS after the scheduled departure date from the Philippines. It is the guest’s responsibility to ensure that he/she have valid travel documents (passports, exit passes and visas if applicable) to enter the foreign country during the intended travel dates, unless this is specifically included in the travel package. Any charges and expenses incurred for obtaining these travel documents must be shouldered by the guest. Failure to comply during the said date will automatically forfeit all payments made, whereas UNLTD will not be held responsible for this matter.
  5. [For Inbound Philippine Tours] Guests are responsible for obtaining all the required travel documents, visas and permits, and for complying with the laws, regulations, orders, demands and travel requirements to the Philippines
  6. [For School Tours] Agreement to this package also recognizes the responsibilities of the guests in the submission of relevant documents for compliance to the university and/or the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) as briefed and aligned with UNLTD.
  7. UNLTD has the right to decline booking and payment will be refunded as credits in the event that the chosen booking is no longer available. The company’s refund process shall apply.

Package Rates and Guest’s Liability

  1. All rates are subject to flight/s, hotel/s and rate availability. For travel package with flights, seat and fare availability may be limited per flight. Add-on fares may apply. Flight timings and options are subject to change depending on seat and fare availability at the time of confirmation. In case the preferred hotel is not available, guests shall be transferred to an equivalent hotel class.
  2. UNLTD offers different rate plans depending on the guest’s preference and travel flexibility. This must be selected during initial booking, and may not be changed after the receipt of the payment and confirmation.
    • SUPERSAVER Rate: The travel arrangement is STRICTLY NON-REBOOKABLE, NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE. No refunds and/or credits will be given for any partial or full payments already made regardless of reason, including but not limited to medical, visa approval status, personal reasons, etc.
    • VALUE Rate: The travel arrangement is REBOOKABLE with collection of rate difference and fees (Refer to Change Fees), but is STRICTLY NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE.
    • FLEX Rate: The travel arrangement is REBOOKABLE with collection of rate difference and fees (Refer to Change Fees), and REFUNDABLE with Cancellation Penalty (Refer to Cancellation Penalty), but is STRICTLY NON-TRANSFERABLE.
  3. Change Fees for VALUE and FLEX Rates: ZERO penalty or rebooking fee but the Rate Difference will be collected, if the rebooking is finalized at least eight (8) calendar days before departure. The travel booking is NON-REBOOKABLE if within seven (7) or less calendar days before departure. Only date change within one (1) year from the initial booking is allowed. Changes in confirmed hotel accommodation, room type, tour destination is strictly not allowed. For changes on flight bookings, refer to Fare Rules for Flight Bookings.
  4. Cancellation Penalty for FLEX Rates: Refund amounts will be based on the date of cancellation confirmation from the guest. There will be 75% Refund if the travel arrangement is cancelled 31+ days before departure, 50% Refund if cancelled 15-30 days before departure and 25% Refund if cancelled 8-14 days before departure. STRICTLY NO Refund nor Rebooking is allowed for No-Shows. For refunds on flight bookings, refer to Fare Rules for Flight Bookings.
  5. [Fare Rules for Flight Bookings] The flight portion of the travel package will follow the change and cancellation fare rules of the airline at the time of booking. Change Fees, Fare Difference and/or Cancellation Fees will be collected based on the seat and fare availability at the time of flight rebooking and/or cancellation. Name change for flights is strictly not allowed.
  6. It is the guest’s responsibility to check carefully for any errors made in the booking details, flight dates, the name of guests etc. Within 24 hours after receiving the vouchers/e-ticket, UNLTD must be notified regarding the accuracy of information including names, birthdates, flight details, travel dates, hotels, tours and others. Beyond 24 hours, any claim of inaccuracy or modification will not be honored.
  7. In the event that a problem arises during the tour, the on-site/off-site tour coordinator listed in the travel voucher will be the key point of contact.
  8. UNLTD is not be liable for any problem caused by the tour operators outside/inside the Philippines. Likewise, UNLTD is not responsible for any airline cancellations, reschedules, or delays in flights for any reason.

Changes in Travel Packages and Cancellation Policy:

  1. [For Group Travel] A cancellation penalty of 5,000 Php (Domestic Philippine tours) or 10,000 Php (International and other tours) per guest will be charged for any cancellations made after the payment of the group confirmation fee. Add-on charges will apply should the group size falls below the minimum requirement.
  2. Refunds and/or credits may be given subject to the terms of the rate plan selected at the time of confirmation (see above). No refunds and/or credits will be given for no shows and for any cancellations within 7 days of the original trip departure.
  3. Changes and rebooking of travel arrangements must be requested and finalized at least eight (8) days before departure or tour commencement. This will be subject to applicable penalties, service fees and fare differences, which must be settled in full before the changes can be finalized. Rebooking of Travel Arrangements is not allowed for SUPERSAVER Rate.
  4. For travel packages with flights, any name changes will NOT be allowed after package confirmation.
  5. All travel package rates are VAT-exclusive and valid for Philippine-passport holders only. Add-on rates may be applied for other nationalities.
  6. Any travel voucher alteration made without approval from UNLTD will be deemed null and void. Any air ticket alteration either by direct liaison with airline company or another third-party entity without approval from UNLTD will be deemed null and void. UNLTD will not be held responsible for any penalties, inconvenience and cancellations arising from the said alterations.
  7. No refunds and/or credits will be given for any unused flights, accommodations, meals, transfers, tours and/or any travel arrangement that are part of the travel package.

Payments and Surcharges:

  1. Failure to send payment confirmation or deposit slip on or before the payment deadline will result to cancellation of the reservation. Guests who fail to pay during one of the payment deadlines will be charged Two Percent (2%) of the amount or Php 200 per calendar day that the payment is delayed, whichever is higher. This applies even if payments have been made before the deadline, but the payment confirmations or deposit slips were failed to be sent to UNLTD before the deadline.
  2. UNLTD has the right to cancel the entire booking of the guest, without any notice, should the guest fail to pay during one of the payment deadlines of the Travel Package.
  3. All guests must be FULLY PAID on or before the departure date of the trip. Guests with balance payments will not be allowed to travel and all payments made will be forfeited in favor of UNLTD. All deadlines are based on 3:00 PM Philippine Time unless otherwise stated.

Other Terms and Conditions:

  1. EXCLUSIVITY/ CONFIDENTIALITY: All information contained in this agreement is private and confidential and may not be disclosed to third parties for whatever reason or purpose.
  2. NON-COMPLIANCE: If required deposits, guarantees, or payments are not received by the dates indicated, regrettably, the reservations may be subject to cancellation without prior notice. Reinstatement of the reservation can only be made upon receipt of payment and to the extent that rooms, tours and seats become available.
  3. EXCLUSION OF LIABILITY: UNLTD will not be held responsible for failure to execute obligations specified herein directly occasioned by or through or in consequence of war, change of statues of the Philippine Government, strikes, riots and acts of God or conditions beyond the control of UNLTD. In the event of non-performance due to the above reasons, UNLTD shall refund the actual net amount received from our travel partner/s to the guest/s. Refund may be in a form of Travel Fund, Travel Voucher and/or Travel Credit depending on the type of travel product/s. Any Service Fees, Ticketing Fees and Bookings Fees will remain NON-REFUNDABLE.
  4. UNLTD shall not be liable for any loss or damage or injury to the person or property of the client or any of its guests, sustained while in the hotel premises and/ or during the tours except when such loss, damage or injury is due to the will full act or gross negligence of UNLTD representatives.
  5. There shall be no staging of the illegal acts, unlawful use of prohibited drugs, and/or other activities such as pornography, human trafficking, illicit shows or presentations that go against normally acceptable moral norms or standards. Furthermore, UNLTD shall have the right to stop such acts if deemed unsafe.

This is to certify that I have read and approved all the conditions and requirements set by UNLTD.